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Industrial Relocation

Industrial Relocation

Gati Express Transport

Being the most experienced Industrial Mover, we offer unique and economically efficient alternatives for packing and moving your industrial equipment. We offer multi plant, multi location industrial moving services with fully trained staff. Our Knowledgeable, highly experienced and motivated crew of industrial movers can handle your entire move from start to finish, reducing total man hours and ensuring zero interruptions. Our industrial moving team can micro schedule the move to conform to your operational needs and execute every detail in the optimum manner to ensure maximum protection of your assets. Over the years we have undertaken a wide variety of projects like packing of Satellite Communication Equipment, Packing of Aircraft Wings, Packing of Flight Stimulators, Packing of Heavy Manufacturing machines etc.

Our Services includes

  • Professional Packing
  • Special Packing for Fragile or Sensitive equipment
  • Custom designing Pallets, Crates, Plywood & Wooden boxes
  • Anticorrosive treatment for international shipment
  • Vacuum sealing or heat sealing in a polythene cocoon
  • Protection from moisture.
  • Hoisting services with Chain pulley, cranes etc
  • Local, National & International Moving
  • Shipping by Road, Air or Sea
  • Door to Door delivery across the world
  • Arranging Indian or international insurance